They Can’t Say They Weren’t Warned

“Thus they were defiled by their own works,
and played the harlot by their own deeds,
therefore the wrath of the Lord was kindled against his people,
so that he abhorred his own inheritance.”
Psalm 106:39-40

God is long-suffering toward his people. Before judgment came upon Israel, he sent prophets to them to warn them not to rebel against him. The prophets pleaded with them to return to the Lord …but they wouldn’t. The Lord had warned them not to mingle with the peoples of the nations around them, but did they listen? No. They mingled with them and eventually came under the influence of “the world,” not wanting to be a consecrated people, not wanting to be separated unto the Lord, not wanting to be a spectacle. They wanted to be accepted by those around them and that’s how they came under their influence, took on their ways, and as always happens, forgot their Lord.

vs 35:
“But they mingled with the Gentiles AND LEARNED THEIR WORKS;”

Having sent them prophets time and time again, he finally let them go.

vs 41:
“And he gave them into the hand of the Gentiles,
and those who hated them ruled over them.”

It’s hard to be a people separated to the Lord while surrounded by “the world.” It’s hard to avoid wanting to be accepted by all. It’s hard to live with people all around you calling you into their ways and scorning you when you don’t. America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethic. Indeed, most of our ivy-league colleges were founded as seminaries -Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, and others… How far we have fallen!

God will not turn a blind eye forever. He has raised up several men in this day to bring to those who will listen the message of warning. Jonathan Cahn has taught us the story of Israel’s last days before she was destroyed, and he has pointed out the details in the slippery slope into our debauchery. He wrote in his book “The Harbinger,” how leaders of America even used the very same words as Israel had used when America fought back after the destruction of the towers on 9/11. Incredibly, they spoke the very expressions of defiance that Israel spoke before judgment finally fell. 9/11 was a warning, folks. Hurricane Katrina was a warning. And since then there have been a rash of disasters falling upon this country, but they were only warnings. Next in the story is the judgment. 

vs 42:
“Their enemies also oppressed them,
and they were brought into subjection under their hand.”

We saw the four blood moons and a total solar eclipse. On the dark side, CERN is a project by scientists to break into other “dimensions,” and they have already done so on a small scale, experiencing unexplained supernatural phenomena. Physicists have warned that what they’re doing could do incalculable damage to the earth. It is suggested that CERN is the cause of the rash of earthquakes and volcanos that have taken place since it was fired up.

No one will be able to say that sufficient warnings were not given.


Deja Vu

“This is a story being repeated right before our eyes. Deja vu.”

“O God, why have you cast us off forever?
Why does your anger smoke against the sheep of your pasture?”
Psalm 74:1

Before judgment fell upon Israel, the Lord had spent years sending prophets to warn them. The Lord pleaded with them not to rebel against him. Reading the Book of Jeremiah, one is struck by the intensity of God’s heart as he pleads with them. One sees the tenderness, his love for his people, his warning them not to continue in the ways of rebellion, his pleading with them as with many tears.

But they wouldn’t listen. In fact, they put forth false prophets who “prophesied” that they were the chosen people of God and that God will always keep them and no harm will come to them. They hated the “prophets of gloom and doom,” and even killed some of them. They were defiant. They stomped their feet and defied them, threw Jeremiah into a dungeon.

Finally …judgment fell. And they were shocked. They cried out to God:

vs 4, 6, 7:
“Your enemies roar in the midst of your meeting place;
They set up their banners for signs…
…and now they break down its carved work, all at once,
with axes and hammers.
They have set fire to your sanctuary;
they have defiled the dwelling place of your Name to the ground.”

Now when judgment has fallen upon them, they wonder why. Instead of killing the prophets of God, they should have killed the prophets who told them all was well. They had listened to the false prophets, so now they’re in shock when judgment comes.

vs 10-11:
“O God, how long will the adversary reproach?
Will the enemy blaspheme your Name forever?
WHY do you withdraw your hand, even your right hand?
Take it out of your bosom and destroy them.”

“Why?” …How can they ask “why”?

This they need to be told: “You REFUSED the warnings of God throughout all the days of his pleading with you. Now you’ve been given over to your enemies.”

They are like children, pointing the finger to the ones hurting them, telling how they’re being wronged, and accusing the enemy of reproaching God’s Name. There’s no hint here of repentance, only of pointing the finger away from themselves.

vs 18:
“Remember this, that THE ENEMY (not themselves)
has reproached, O Lord,
and that a foolish people (not themselves)
has blasphemed your Name.”

This very thing is happening today. America has gone into deep and defiant sin. God has sent many to speak to the people and warn them that judgment will surely come if they continue in their refusal to repent.

One of the greatest voices in the land is the voice of Jonathan Cahn –a Jew. A Jew from the tribe of Levi. How could God make it any plainer? He has written a book, “The Harbinger,” but most refuse to read it. He speaks at every opportunity, but few are heeding his call to repentance. It’s as though God is pleading, pleading, pleading, “Oh my people, please -please don’t continue in defiance, I hate judgment but if you continue it will have to be poured out upon you at last.”

What can we say? There are true men of God like Jonathan Cahn, men like Franklin Graham, and many more, shouting that judgment is coming, pleading with the people to repent, but the people rather are listening to the voices of the false prophets who tell them that all will be well. Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, even the Pope. This is a story being repeated right before our eyes. Deja vu.

There leaves little to say, it’s all been said. If anyone is reading this who has been among those expecting only good, get down on your knees before the Lord and heed his pleading that you repent. Don’t be lost when the judgment falls. For fall, it surely will. Soon …and suddenly.

Come Out From Among Them – You Are NOT One Of Them

“You are the children of the Lord your God;
you shall not cut yourselves
nor shave the front of your head for the dead;
for you are a holy people to the Lord your God,
and the Lord has chosen you to be a people for himself,
a special treasure above all the peoples
who are on the face of the earth.”
Deuteronomy 14:1-2

That the Jews should not cut themselves or shave their heads as a sign of mourning were two of the many statutes which the Lord commanded them. Cutting oneself or shaving the head in mourning were practices that the heathen nations around them did. God is telling Israel here that they are not to practice the doings of the peoples around them, BECAUSE …they are a holy people to the Lord, SEPARATED from the world unto him.

Believers in Jesus are not commanded to observe the laws of the Levitical covenant given by Moses to Israel. Believers in Jesus are not under the Levitical laws because Jesus was not a Levite. Jesus was from the tribe of Judah.

“For the priesthood being changed,
of necessity there is also a CHANGE of the law.
For He of whom these things are spoken belongs to another tribe
from which no man has officiated at the altar.
For it is evident that our Lord arose from Judah…”
Hebrews 7:12-14

So we’re free from the Levitical Laws, the Old Covenant, but instead we have a whole new covenant with different laws. For Jesus said:

“You have heard that it was said to those of old,
‘You shall not murder, and whoever murders
will be in danger of the judgment.’
But I say to you that whoever is angry with his brother
without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment.”
Matthew 5:21

The Levitical law made clear that one is not to murder. But the law of our covenant says we must bridle even the anger that could lead up to that. The old covenant was earthly, but the new covenant is of the heart. The old covenant was written on tables of stone, but the new covenant is written on the heart of the believer. Under the old covenant, one feared to break the laws for fear of punishment, but the laws of the new covenant are written on the heart so that a man will not WANT to break them.

When a person is born again, his or her whole life changes. He finds himself disinterested in the things he used to do, and he finds himself desiring the things of God. If a person claims to be born again but that person’s life didn’t change, then one might well question whether or she ever truly was born again because being born again changes everything and that will become obvious. “You will know them by their fruits.” (Matthew 7:16)

Believers in Jesus are called out of the world to be a holy people. That means that the believer is separated from the world and is not to walk according to the principles of the world. If a believer looks like the people of the world, again one might question whether he has truly been born again. When one is born again, he loses interest in the ways of the world, not by command but by a change of heart.

“Do not love the world or the things in the world.
If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
For all that is in the world—the lust of the flesh,
the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life
—is not of the Father but is of the world.
And the world is passing away, and the lust of it,
but he who does the will of God abides forever.”
1 John 2:15-17

If you want to be one of the crowd, loving what they love and doing what they do, then you have no place in the Kingdom of God. Believers are called to be a SEPARATE people, a holy people, a people that has left the ways of the world. That does not mean we don’t socialize with our neighbors, it means that we have a heart that is different from theirs, and that should be obvious. The believer must always remember that wherever he is and in whatever he does he represents Christ to the world. If the world can’t see a difference in him, then something’s wrong with that picture.

“Therefore come out from among them and be SEPARATE says the Lord.”
2 Corinthians 6:17



Tarot Cards

Fortune teller holds a deck of tarot cards. (Credit: Shutterstock)

You shall not eat anything with its blood. You shall not practice divination or soothsaying. Leviticus 19:26 

By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz 

Sales of tarot cards have risen sharply in the last year as self-proclaimed witches claim that divination and dark-magic are effective in opposing President Trump. One end-of-days expert cites this as an illogical yet divinely guided step in setting the stage for the Messianic showdown in which the two sides, Good and Evil, are clearly defined.

The BBC published an article last week noting a 30-percent increase in sales in tarot cards last year, citing data collected by US Games Systems, a publisher of tarot games. Tarot may be a modern trend but it’s roots are ancient, with some sources claiming the deck has its origins in the Book of Thoth, a legendary tome of Egyptian occult and idolatry. Based on four suits, tarot cards are similar to common playing cards but with some significant differences that serve its primary purpose: divination.

The Latin root of the word ‘divination’ means “to foresee, to be inspired by a spirit,” but the Torah expressly forbids the practice.

Let no one be found among you who consigns his son or daughter to the fire,
or who is an augur, a soothsayer, a diviner, a sorcerer. Deuteronomy 18:10

Rabbi Daniel Asore, a member of the Sanhedrin, noted that the anti-divine aspect of divination is precisely the reason why the practice is proscribed and considered one of the more egregious forms of evil.

“Diviners and witches both try to take God out of heaven, out of the world, and replace him with ‘self’,’” Rabbi Asore told Breaking Israel News. “They assign the power to nature and try to control it using esoteric methods that do not include God. This has ancient roots but in our era, it has taken on the appearance of New Age. Even if it looks modern, it is exactly the same as the idol worship we read about in the Bible.”

Rabbi Asore explained how divination works as an anti-God mechanism.

“New Age wants to convince people that they are divine, that the power is inside of them,” Rabbi Asore said. “They want to disconnect people from the Bible and prayer, which sets God firmly in all of Creation, in every aspect of your life.”

“Atheists, like all Satanists, see themselves as the ultimate authority, independent of any higher rule, so morality becomes entirely subjective,” he said. “Since the self is the center of the universe, they are anarchists, believing in limiting the world’s population through war, abortion, and non-productive relationships. Nature has usurped God’s eternal aspect, so the individual is the all.”

Tarot is making a comeback in other forms as well. Last May, Dior, one of the the most prominent names in fashion, based their summer collection on a feminist version of the tarot deck. The image from the death card, a skeleton huddled in a fetal position encircled by a molting snake, featured prominently in their line of casual wear.

Karen Vogel, the designer of the feminist tarot deck that served as the model for Dior explained the choice of the death card.

“It’s not necessarily about physical death,” says Vogel.  “It’s about the beauty of the shedding of the skin that a snake does, that we can transform our lives.”

In an interview with BBC, Vogel credited the current interest in tarot to the election of Donald Trump.

“Our societies are going through an extreme sense of alienation,” Vogel said. “People are lonely and angry. Tarot helps them to cope with insecurity in these difficult times.”

The BBC article cited another occult phenomenon as a negative reaction to Trump’s election: the #MagicResistance movement, a monthly call on social media to curse the president using explicitly arcane methods. Rabbi Asore explained the use of witchcraft and divination in politics is “Witchcraft, or its real name, Satanism, is explicitly a power struggle, which is why it is so readily dragged into politics. Satanism, in its essence, pits the adversary against God. Though this power struggle has been brewing throughout history, today, when we are so close to Moshiach (Messiah), the role it is playing in politics could not be clearer.”

Judgment Day apocalypse. (Credit: Shutterstock)

“The politicians who believe that man can control all aspects of the world are coming from a belief system based in Satanism, whether knowingly or not,” Rabbi Asore said. “This New Age form of witchcraft and divination is idolatry dressed up so it can be used as a tool of the New World Order.”

Rabbi Pinchas Winston, an end-of-days expert and prolific author, noted that tarot and black magic were an incongruous choice for atheists and people who rejected religion.

“If you want to be secular or atheist, if you say that you went to a church or synagogue and rejected it, that is okay,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News. “But to go to something that is straight-up idolatry, openly embracing evil, that is not a logical decision.”

“Anytime people act illogically and don’t notice it, it is a sign that Divine hands are setting the stage,” Rabbi Winston said, explaining that this was all part of a “Messianic endgame.”

“According to Jewish sources, the end-of-days will see an enormous polarization of good and evil,” Rabbi Winston said. “This is so that when we stand before God and he asks us ‘why didn’t you choose good?’, no one can say they couldn’t see the difference, that good and evil were not obvious. No one can say that they were kind of good. The end-of days is all or nothing, with the ramifications clearly spelled out.”

Winston explained that this process of clear good versus clear evil was clearly true in how American politics has played out in recent years.

“Obama was the first step of this polarization but he was able to hide most of the polarization and dress it up as social justice,” Winton said. “He could hide the evil he promoted, make it sound like good. So people who supported him could support evil but give the excuse that it was reasonably presented as good. To accomplish that, they need to be masters of disguise, to hide the truth even from themselves. They need to embrace Hollywood. They need for it to be all about appearances and subjective reality because the truth is too painful.”

“Trump is one step further,” Rabbi Winston said. “There is no hiding. You either love him or hate him, and he doesn’t know how to hide the truth in pretty words. Good and evil are laid out for everyone to see.”