They Can’t Say They Weren’t Warned

“Thus they were defiled by their own works,
and played the harlot by their own deeds,
therefore the wrath of the Lord was kindled against his people,
so that he abhorred his own inheritance.”
Psalm 106:39-40

God is long-suffering toward his people. Before judgment came upon Israel, he sent prophets to them to warn them not to rebel against him. The prophets pleaded with them to return to the Lord …but they wouldn’t. The Lord had warned them not to mingle with the peoples of the nations around them, but did they listen? No. They mingled with them and eventually came under the influence of “the world,” not wanting to be a consecrated people, not wanting to be separated unto the Lord, not wanting to be a spectacle. They wanted to be accepted by those around them and that’s how they came under their influence, took on their ways, and as always happens, forgot their Lord.

vs 35:
“But they mingled with the Gentiles AND LEARNED THEIR WORKS;”

Having sent them prophets time and time again, he finally let them go.

vs 41:
“And he gave them into the hand of the Gentiles,
and those who hated them ruled over them.”

It’s hard to be a people separated to the Lord while surrounded by “the world.” It’s hard to avoid wanting to be accepted by all. It’s hard to live with people all around you calling you into their ways and scorning you when you don’t. America was founded upon the Judeo-Christian ethic. Indeed, most of our ivy-league colleges were founded as seminaries -Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, and others… How far we have fallen!

God will not turn a blind eye forever. He has raised up several men in this day to bring to those who will listen the message of warning. Jonathan Cahn has taught us the story of Israel’s last days before she was destroyed, and he has pointed out the details in the slippery slope into our debauchery. He wrote in his book “The Harbinger,” how leaders of America even used the very same words as Israel had used when America fought back after the destruction of the towers on 9/11. Incredibly, they spoke the very expressions of defiance that Israel spoke before judgment finally fell. 9/11 was a warning, folks. Hurricane Katrina was a warning. And since then there have been a rash of disasters falling upon this country, but they were only warnings. Next in the story is the judgment. 

vs 42:
“Their enemies also oppressed them,
and they were brought into subjection under their hand.”

We saw the four blood moons and a total solar eclipse. On the dark side, CERN is a project by scientists to break into other “dimensions,” and they have already done so on a small scale, experiencing unexplained supernatural phenomena. Physicists have warned that what they’re doing could do incalculable damage to the earth. It is suggested that CERN is the cause of the rash of earthquakes and volcanos that have taken place since it was fired up.

No one will be able to say that sufficient warnings were not given.


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